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Manage parking simply

Let ParkingTree take care of your lot—so you can focus on taking care of your residents.

Gain control of crowded lots

Track assignments virtually

Grow ancillary revenue

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Digital parking permits for multifamily

Stop tracking hangtags and assignments from a cumbersome clipboard or spreadsheet—with ParkingTree, your license plate is your permit.

Say goodbye to after-hours parking issues with a 24/7 self-serve portal for residents

Quickly scan and see who is in your lot at any time

Do away with tedious parking assignment tracking, and free up your leasing office's time for more important tasks

Here’s how we can help

Gain control of your lot

Manage overcrowded lots with ease. Set resident assignments and guest parking limits from your digital portal, and easily identify unwanted vehicles with ALPR.

Get time back in your day

Our 24/7 portal lets guests and residents register vehicles and reserve spots on their own online, without your team needing to be in the office to make manual assignments.

Increase parking revenue

Collect revenue from any vehicle in the parking lot. Monetize guest vehicles and extra vehicles parking in the open lot.


Park with ease

Your license plate is your permit—no more worrying about hangtags or stickers being obscured by tinted windows, or having to get a new tag when you change vehicles.

Take care of your guests

Got a guest on the way? Easily reserve a spot for them in advance using ParkingTree's self-serve portal so they can park with confidence.

Keep your spot safe

ParkingTree's Automatic License Plate Recognition (ALPR) technology lets enforcement companies easily see which cars belong and which don't, and prevent unwanted squatters from taking your space.

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“How much does this cost?”

ParkingTree doesn’t charge fees to owners and managers so it won’t impact your budget—and we’ll handle implementation and signage free of cost.

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We’ll show you how how ParkingTree can help you manage crowded lots, automate permit distribution, and increase ancillary revenue.

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Frequently asked questions

Have another question? Reach out, we’re happy to help.

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Can guests park in the parking lot?

It’s up to you. We can set up a guest permit that guests can use to register their vehicles upon entering the parking lot. You can even charge a fee to generate revenue.

What if I already have a towing company?

Perfect, we work with local tow companies. With access to our license plate recognition technology they can quickly verify which vehicles belong and which don’t.

How do I know who is permitted and who is not?

View live reports from a manager dashboard or scan cars as you walk the property using our scanner app.

How does this help a crowded parking lot?

We can program permit limits into the online portal in order to conserve space and remove unwanted vehicles. This, partnered with your enforcement company, will do a sound job in optimizing parking space.

Will we still need to use window stickers?

Not at all. Old school permits are too cumbersome. This is 100% digital. The license plate becomes the permit and you can do away with window stickers and hangtags.

How do users check out a permit?

Easy. They’ll scan a QR code and register their vehicle by recording their vehicle information (license plate #).

Manage your parking without the hassle

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